ECOCIDE: A Strategy of War

The war on the environment in Vietnam

Red Ribbon, American Film Festival · Mannheim Film Festival · Leipzig Film Festival · Sydney & Melbourne Film Festivals · Moscow Film Festival

This film vividly reports on the results of unprecedented tactics during the Vietnam War. Herbicides, with innocuous names like Agent Orange and White were used to defoliate forest and jungle. Bombing devastated forests and fields, leaving over 20 million craters in South Viet Nam alone. Rome plows cleared an area the size of Rhode Island by the end of the war. Ecocide forcefully brings home the threat which a war strategy aimed at the ecology poses-both to the direct victims and the rest of humanity.

23 minutes....color
A Green Mountain Post & EW Pfeiffer Production

"A compelling story of vital importance that is very moving, despite the cool scientific approach. Provocative, low-key, accurate, and important."---Educational Film Library Association

" excellent documentary and is suitable for a wide audience."---Science Books & Films

"...richly thought-provoking documentary, which will be a distinctive selection for both classroom and public library use."---Booklist


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