Early Warnings

The anti-nuclear campaign achieves Critical Mass: 20,000 people at Seabrook, June 24, 1978

Seabrook, New Hampshire has long been an international focal point in the struggle over atomic power. In the summer of 1978, nine months before the accident at Three Mile Island, more than 20,000 opponents of the Seabrook plant were addressed by a broad range of the leading figures in the anti-nuclear campaign. The film of this seminal rally offers a succinct and powerful summary of many of the most important statements of that movement, including speeches by Dr. Benjamin Spock, Dr. Barry Commoner, Dick Gregory, Sarah Nelson, Dianne Garand, Dr. John Gofman, Amory Lovins and singers Jackson Browne, John Hall and Pete Seeger. The film also takes us to the steps of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, where the first demonstration there prompted some contrasting views from members of the board that regulates the nation's most controversial industry.

Early Warnings describes the electric events at Seabrook and presents a tight outline of the anti-nuclear case, as well as providing a look into one of the movement's most inspiring moments-its biggest and best-publicized rally before Three Mile Island.

Some of the people who provided their talent and energy at the Seabrook Rally. From top down: Pete Seeger, folksinger, leading the crowd in song; Dick Gregory, comedian and social activist, talking about racism and atomic power; Sarah Nelson from N.O.W. expaining the Silkwood murder mystery; Jackson Browne and John Hall, rock musicians, decrying nuclear power between sets.

20 minutes, color, 16mm, produced by Green Mountain Post Films, 1980
Producers: Daniel Keller & Charles Light
Directed by Daniel Keller
Music by Jacksone Browne, Pete Seeger, & John Hall


Abalone Alliance

Citizens Awareness Network (CAN)

Committee for Nuclear Responsibility

Critical Mass

Earth Island Institutehttp://www.earthisland.org/

Friends of the Earth


Institiute for Energy & Environmental Research

No More Chernobyls

Nuclear Atlas

Nuclear Information & Resource Service (NIRS)

Rocky Mountain Institute

Safe Energy Communication Council

Sierra Club

Southwest Research and Information Center

Three Miles Island Alert

20/20 Vision

Union of Concerned Scientists

World Information Service on Energy (WISE)

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The containment structure going up on the Seabrook marsh and (below) a view of the Seabrook site occupation.

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