Excerpt from Ray Mungo's Famous Long Ago:

Marshall began to speak of the goals of LNS when the staff of the East Village Other, led by Walter Bowart in Indian headdress, began a lengthy poem about the underground and an enthusiastic pitch for the Underground Press Service, which EVO directed. This brought others to their feet with charges of embezzlement against UPS and EVO. John Wilcock, in his clipped British accent, quickly corroborated that EVO was staffed by a pack of thieves...Before the issue could be resolved, however, Allen Cohen of the San Francisco Oracle rose to read a poem, precipitating a lengthy East-West poetry competition between the New York Indian forces of EVO and the San Francisco Oracle Hari-Krishna heads.

And so it went in that terrible loft. The college editors were interested mostly in campus revolution, the pacifists in the war, the freaks in cultural revolution and cultural purity. The underlying buzz became a steady roar; Marshall burned his draft card and quit the podium. A few fist fights broke out between warring factions of the anti-war forces...It was clear on first meeting our constituency, that LNS was to be an uneasy coalition.