A half -hour satire on the Persian Gulf War, the News Media, the New Age, and the New World Order. Using the anchor desk at Censored Network News as home base, the show includes back drop footage of the war and its aftermath, musical interludes, reports from "live" correspondents, such as Reiner Wolfgang von Schwanzer, bizarre and biting commentary, interruptions by "regularly scheduled programming", and commercial parodies.

THE GULF BOWL CABARET is a tour-de-force that acts as an absurdist antidote to the Gulf War's fuzzy, feelgood aftermath. It is an entertainment, not a teach-in--a savagely funny, deeply angry lampoon and lament. A laugh crying out in the wilderness of a popular war.

1992 .... 30 minutes.... color

Produced by GMP Films in association with Blue Angel Arts.
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