SKI RIGHT & CROSS COUNTRY SKIING: The Ultimate Fitness Sport

These two skiing tapes offer an exceptional learning technique developed by brain research at Stanford University and elsewhere. These concepts have been applied to ski teaching by Horst Abraham who has served as technical director for the Professional Ski Instructors of America and the Vail Ski School.

SKI RIGHT features Olympic medalists Phil and Steve Mahre. This tape will improve your skiing skills whether you are a beginner or an advanced Alpine skier.

CROSS COUNTRY SKIING features Olympian Jana Hlavaty and former National Team members Bruce Cranmer and Ken Emrick, along with "Rocket" Matthews, will provide you with complete instruction in all aspects of Nordic skiing.

1990 .... 90 minutes.... color
Produced & Directed By Robert & Rawn Fulton · Produced by Searchlight Films
$39.95 plus $5 shipping
"For those who want to learn how to cross-country or down hill ski, these are two excellent videos."---Newsday

"Impressive tapes...high quality..."---Outside Magazine

"I love the video and the music. Tomorrow, I am going to build a sound-proof isolation chamber and immerse myself in salt water and darkness while I absorb this film into my soul...I recommend the tape and the teaching approach highly...The video is perfectly suited to coaches, amateur instructors, and self-instructors..."---Ski Research News

When learning a new technique, often the less said, the better. Watching and trying to copy an expert's motions is usually better than a barrage of verbal instructions, which can do more to confuse the learner than to help."---Daily Camera

"Beautifully photographed pictures of very good skiers demonstrating perfect turns accompanied by new age music."---Washington Post

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