Art & the Rosenberg Era

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Commies. Atom Spies. Fellow Travelers. For more than forty years these, and other phrases, helped keep the Cold War alive. Now, we are told, the war is over. For those who wish to understand the origins of the Cold War, UNKNOWN SECRETS: Art and the Rosenberg Era provides a dramatic introduction.

No story from that dark era provokes more debate than the arrest, trial, and execution of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. Convicted of conspiring to pass the secret of the atom bomb to the Soviets, the Rosenbergs were electrocuted on June 19, 1953.

Dozens of books have been written about the case. But, until now, it was virtually unknown that scores of artists and writers, including Picasso and Leger, Arthur Miller and Adrienne Rich, had also expressed themselves about the Rosenbergs.

UNKNOWN SECRETS is rich with art and literature from the 1950's to the present. The dramatic literary readings by Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Tony Randall, and others powerfully bring to life the paintings, sculpture, photographs, and archival footage of the characters in the Rosenberg story and the climate of the times.

Based on a compelling book and nationally touring art exhibit, UNKNOWN SECRETS looks back at what happened, deciphering the language of the Cold War, and the place of art in politics, from the days of Joe McCarthy to those of Jesse Helms.

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1990 .... 29 minutes.... color.
Produced and Directed by Daniel Keller, Charles Light, and Rob Okun
A Green Mountain Post/Rosenberg Era Art Project Production
Music by Patty Carpenter & Richard Corey

Narrated by John Randolph
Featuring the voices of:
Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Tovah Feldshuh,
Jack Gilford, George Irving, Tony Randall, and Shirley Romaine

"...a stunning mood piece that underscores the wave of anti-Communist hysteria...This original and refreshing approach to an important historical era should have particular appeal for schools, junior high through college, and public libraries as well."---Video Rating Guide for Libraries

"...perceptive spotlight on political dissension....shows how the artistic and literary community was the conscience of the nation during the McCarthy era."---Paul Sherman, Boston Herald

"There's some great political irony amid the heartfelt recollections....most impressive cast..."---San Francisco Bay Guardian

"...a beautifully realized film..."---Robin Dougherty, Boston Phoenix

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