A Long Form Music Video Featuring the Songs of Country Joe McDonald

"...And it's one, two, three, what are we fighting for?" The sights and sounds of Vietnam still carry an unforgettable impact on our collective memories. This moving film brings us closer to the reality of Viet Nam by combining the emotional lyrics and music of Country Joe McDonald with compelling archival footage of the war.

VIETNAM EXPERIENCE captures the vivid horror of the war. Whether veteran, war protester, student, man or woman, no one will view this film untouched. Much more than a thirty minute music video, it is a heartfelt journey into the war that won't go away.

Back cover VHS

29 minutes....color
Directed by Daniel Keller & Joe McDonald
Produced by Daniel Keller & Charles Light
A Green Mountain Post & Rag Baby Production
1/2 " Home Video : $19.95
1/2" Video with public performance rights: $99.95
For 3/4" video or 16mm please inquire

"...a gripping mix of wartime and post-war film footage, without commentary, except for anti-war songs by Country Joe McDonald...more harrowing and more eloquent than all the Hollywood movies on that subject."---San Francisco Chronicle

"This extended music video promises 'a haunting musical journey into the war that won't go away.' It delivers. McDonald is still anti-war, but now he's pro-warrior. And they're all here-the wounded, the bitter, the proud, along with the nurses who tended them and the officials they feel misled them. Against the stream of footage shot in Viet Nam and back home, McDonald's newer songs are binoculars on the war. This brief film honors the soldiers by taking a microscopic look at their world."---Video Digest


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