Voices of Spirit

A psychic detective story

Deep in the hills of western Massachusetts lives Elwood Babbitt, a most unusual Yankee farmer. Though he plants crops in the spring, harvests in the fall and sits by the stove in the winter like most other New Englanders close to the land, Elwood is also a trance medium, a servant of the spirit. Since a teenage brush with death in a car accident, Elwood says spirits of those "no longer in the body" have used his to speak with the living. For the last 50 years, Elwood has made his "telephone between two worlds" available to his friends, neighbors, and the media.

Voices of Spirit presents Elwood Babbitt in his various roles--as trance medium, spiritual lecturer, psychological counselor, farmer, and family man. The mechanics of his trance sessions take shape as "spirits" such as Mark Twain, Walt Disney, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Marshall Bloom and Christ make their appearances.

Voices of Spirit features skeptics and believers alike as the filmmakers pursue a "psychic detective story" in search of both a dead friend and the real nature of Elwood Babbitt.

60 minutes, black and white, 16mm, produced by Green Mountain Post Films,
Directed by Daniel Keller

"A nicely done look at this likeable, intelligent fellow."-Educational Film Library Association's Sightlines

"If you don't believe in magic then you will never encounter it. The feelings Elwood produced in me were totally new and stunning. He demands to be taken on faith alone but for the peculiar and thoroughly gripping power that a successful trance can produce, and must be experienced to be known." -Stephen Davis, Boston Globe

"I use Voices of Spirit in my course on Altered States of Consciousness, primarily to give students some first-hand experience on what trance mediumship is all about. It is very helpful for this purpose."-Dr. Charles Tart, University of California, Davis

"On the whole, it is a fascinating study of a personality and develops interesting concepts about mediumship, clairvoyance, and the spirit world. Should spark lively discussion. Rating: Good-Very Good."-Educational Film Library Association's Evaluations

New York Psychic Film Festival 1975: Best Documentary

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