The Atom & Eve

Sex and the atom: How the nuclear industry sold itself

Few GMP releases have triggered more outraged response than this vintage (1966) piece of pro-nuclear propaganda. Fusing heavy inputs of male chauvinism with conspicuous consumption, this film must have been made with the stag executive luncheon in mind.

The Atom and Eve is, in essence, a cinematic marriage between the desire to fill every kitchen with electric appliances, and to then lock women in. The product is worthy of the theater of the absurd. As the 1972 Atomic Energy Commission catalogue puts it: "In a light, pleasant and entertaining manner, we are introduced to Eve as a baby, then as a girl, and finally as a woman (who dances through the film) in parallel to the growing needs of millions of Eves for more and more electricity."

Not surprisingly, The Atom and Eve has proven popular with womens' and antinuclear groups, as well as in classes where the nuclear propaganda battle is an issue. Because of its unique place in the history of media, GMP continues to make this film available to interested groups.

15 minutes, color, produced by Bay State Films for the Connecticut Yankee Atomic Power Company

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"We no longer circulate this film in an effort to promote electricity use. We've really changed our marketing approach."--William Semanie, Public Relations Department, Northeast Utilities.

The government and industry have buried hundreds ot vintage propaganda pieces that have become ineffective and obsolete to today's more sophisticated audiences. Above, Eve dances in a rapturous paen to nuclear power.


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