Continental Drift

Geophysics goes modern; the earth's shifting crust explained through entertainment

In the late 1960's, a bold new theory, claiming that continents and oceans are in constant movement, revolutionized the scientific view of the earth's geologic history.

In the mid 1970's, Chris Scotese, a geophysicist at the University of Chicago, further radicalized scientific research and education by recreating the "continental drift" with computer animation. Using Carbon-14 dating and paleomagnetic readings of earth core samples from around the world, the computer visually animates the history of the earth's shifting crust.

Continental Drift, produced by a unique collaboration of geophysicist Scotese, filmmaker Paula Longendyke and the Human Arts Association, is an entertaining and provocative film created to introduce intermediate science students and the general public to the history of crustal evolution. Mr. Scotese's computer animation shows the actual drift of the continents through 500 million years. The concise history of continental movement is supplemented with basic concepts of plate tectonics, cleverly illustrated by actors in dramatic scenes, complete with sets and costumes. Current evidence of continental drift is explained by three explorers who go on a humor-filled search for it. Cut-out continents are guided by swimmers to form a ballet of global movement. Four Hispanic teenagers play "There's a Motor Under the Ocean" to explain the mechanics of the earth's shifting crust.

All-in-all, the creative mixture of entertainment and information makes Continental Drift a unique learning experience.
30 minutes, color, 16mm, produced by the Human Arts Association

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"It's one of the freshest (that is, refreshing, vigorous, original) didactic films we've seen in a long time."-Maureen Gaffney, Media Center for Children, New York

"At last, a captivating film which elicits student discussion of a difficult subject . . . "-John Ferris, High School Teacher

"You'd better make a decision soon. The continents are starting to drift apart."

Cinematographer Jacki Ochs and Director Paula Longendyke yukking it up after a shoot.

Computer animation showing the drift of the continents over the last 200 million years.

On the set, as the sportscasters announce the play by play at the grand continental dance.

The Human Arts Association is a non-profit collaborative of artists and filmmakers dedicated to the proposition that difficult subjects can be presented best through dynamic, and oft-times wacky, entertainment.

Featured Screenings: Natural History Museum, Children Media Conference; Global Village

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