Stock Film & Video Footage

We handle and license both the out takes and footage from our own films and videos as well as the work of other producers. Research is billed at $50 per hour, plus stock, and includes tracking down the requested material and producing a screening video tape for the client. Rates vary as to the specific material, as well as the rights and markets needed.

GMP topics and film and video images covered include environmental, nuclear, Vietnam, cold war, and drug issues and extensive collections built around these subjects. Images include nuclear plants, protests, atomic blasts, nuclear waste, chemical plants and waste, politicians, activists, artists, corporate executives, government spokespeople, Vietnam combat and Agent Orange spraying footage, Vietnam veteran protests, atomic bombs, the Rosenberg case, the cannabis culture in the Netherlands, marijuana, hemp, and a number of other wide ranging topics.

Another collection we archive and rep includes footage of the Statue of Liberty Centennial Celebrations, weather related phenomena, computer graphics, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Indonesia, Kenya, a 1930's Around the World Trip on a Motorcycle, aerials, landscapes, time lapse, ruins, national monuments, rural Americana, manufacturing and industrial processes, sacred sites in South America, Native American material from the Northwest and Plains.

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